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Proposed Solution

The application will retrieve and display the client data obtained using the API's provided by the client.

Features of the  application

Native application

  • The application will be a native application, running on the  developed using objective C and use the 's core API's for the User Interface and web access
  • Offline Access
  • The application will be designed such that the user will be able to access the dashboards and other reports offline. When connected the application will sync with the client's server, retrieve and store the data locally.
  • The entire application will run off of  open-source software., with encrypted data to add additional security – Sparks 2.0 platform

Local Storage

  • To enable offline viewing, the data will be retrieved and stored data locally using the SQLite database.

Update Data

  • The user will be able to submit data to the server.
  • The client's server will be located behind a firewall on the Internet. The server will contain the data related to the KPI's for the various partners. The client will provide all necessary web service API's that is needed to access and update the required data.