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ChannelVission wins Trademark ruling of ChannelCloud ™ over Pointivity.
April 23rd, 2015

There is a new ruling by the USPTO. The use of ChannelCloud is the sole ownership of ChannelVission inc. This strengthens ChannelVission's place in the market as a leading Cloud service provider.
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Introducing the SmartChannel APP from ChannelVission inc
March 5th, 2014

Important but often overlooked categories of a selling cycle are your channels. These are the hard working loyal partners of a product company who time and time again meet the quarterly revenue and market objectives for a company. Like any relationship, there comes a point where there is a friction. To reduce the friction, and increase the focus, ChannelVission has launched SmartChannels within its Cloud offering.
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ChannelVission announces Cloud2Partner 1.0 social media interactive tool to reduce inventory.
July 1, 2013

ChannelVission announced the industry’s first social media tool, Cloud2Partner 1.0 which will interact with the existing supply chain and social media to reduce the inventory and improve the margins and help manage partners more on real-time.
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Watch-out, the tier-2 Service Provider space is real! They will move the revenue needle.
April 11, 2013

An important but often overlooked category of service providers is the Tier-2 or mid-sized service provider that are in the US $100milion to US $1 Billion revenue range.Despite their smaller operating scale, these service providers play an important role. According to our market research and our customer base, ChannelVission is expecting this segment of non-tier 1 to generate an upto $9.6B in incremental revenue by 2015/2016.
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ChannelVission named as one of the TOP 5 Cloud Computing Companies by
November 18, 2012

si100 is an annual listing of the top 100 technology companies founded and managed by Indians in the U.S. The si100 not only represents the continuing rise and glory of Indian entrepreneurship in high-tech but also recognizes companies impacting the market place.
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ChannelVission promotes Managed Wi-Fi services to Service Providers using its cloud platform
August 16, 2012

ChannelVission Inc., one of the premier cloud providers announced today of its strategic focus in the Wi-Fi space catering to the service provider market. In the coming months, ChannelVission expects to works with key WiFi vendor companies to help position their portfolio on a global level.
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ChannelVission Introduces Cloud based Sales Services targeting the channels for SMB Segment
July 18, 2012

ChannelVission plans to target emerging markets with this offering which makes extensive use of a multi-tenanted cloud computing model to keep costs low for customers in the SMB space, Sehgal said.
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